Top ten places you must visit once in a life


Top ten places you must visit once in a life

Almost all of us love our own countries, doesn’t matter what kind of problems it’s going through and what the situation. But when we hear the word “Tr

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Almost all of us love our own countries, doesn’t matter what kind of problems it’s going through and what the situation. But when we hear the word “Travelling”, we get goosebumps at the same time. Traveling and exploring different places has always been the most liked profession. You may see a lot of people who chose this as passion and later convert the same into the profession.

It takes a lot of time and money to explore the whole world or at least the beautiful places. We’ll discuss the top ten places/countries to visit in the world here. Just start taking notes and plan later.

  1. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Even though the wonders of the world are just seven in number, this one is no less than them or you can just consider it as the modern wonder of the world. It is situated at the border of two of the most beautiful countries, Argentina and Brazil. It attracts everyone who takes a look at it even for once. The chain of a number of waterfalls is extended to a minimum of 3km. Since it is split in two countries, there are countless flowers in between these two falls which add to its beauty. This is one of the reasons why it’s in the top ten places to visit in the world.

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  1. Virgin Islands of the US

These are a family of islands mainly situated in the Caribbean and are isolated parts of the US as well. These are considered to be the second most beautiful places around the world for tourists to visit. There are different kinds of climates in different months in these islands because of the winds. Besides this, there is a national park, Caneel and Trunk Bay, and a number of other places to visit around these islands.

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Caribbean, St Thomas US Virgin Islands. Panoramic view.

  1. Alberta, Canada

Even though Canada doesn’t lack beautiful places, one of its most attractive and eye-catching sceneries is Alberta. The two oldest parts are present in this province of Canada. Moreover, it is the home few lakes and glaciers as well which makes it even more heartwarming. It is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. If you’re planning to enjoy your vacations in Canada, you better not lose the opportunity to visit Alberta.

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  1. The Beach of Miami, Florida

This beach is a sea resort mainly located in the Florida State of the United States. There are quite a few beaches including North and South Beach, Memorial (Holocaust), the Children’s Museum, and many such places which reflect the most beautiful views. Even though this isn’t the cheapest travel destination, you must visit it at least once in your lifetime.

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  1. Croatia’s National Park of Plitvice Lakes

Talking about the top 10 places or countries to visit around the world, how can we forget this one! It has been chosen as the most beautiful national park in the world. Since most Croatian presidents are popular for their glamour, so is the case with this park. This park is more famous for a chain of more than 15 adjacent lakes and these beautiful views catch tourists’ attraction.

  1. Maui Island, USA

Comparing with all the Hawaii Islands, this one stands second in the list of largest ones. The diverse geography of this islands is mainly the combination of climate, topography, and geology. All the Hawaii Islands enjoy two seasons every year, and there are mild and quite uniform temperatures. A number of other places are also present on Maui Island as well. In order to enjoy the best possible vacation experience in the USA, don’t forget to visit this island.

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  1. Paris, France

You may have seen people comparing the beautiful views in their respective countries with Paris, that’s the level of this city. Being the capital of one of the most powerful and economically strong countries in the world, Paris has a special place in everyone’s heart. Its charm and beauty attract thousands of tourists each year despite the fact that it isn’t the cheapest travel destination.

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The temperature remains moderate almost the whole year. Eiffel Tower is one of its wonders which remained a powerful symbol of this city for a very long time.

  1. London, UK

While we discuss the ultimate and most beautiful capitals of different countries, London is no exception. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. According to News Travel in the US, London stands among the best and attractive places in the world. If you plan to explore London, you must have a week or so to do that because of countless places. The universities, theaters, and markets present in London make every tourist fall in love with it.

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  1. Barcelona, Spain

It Doesn’t matter which country you belong to, you must be aor had been a football fan for sure. Barcelona is another city with the most famous football team in the world. Bei


ng the capital of Catalonia, one of the autonomous communities of Spain, its well-known its climates as well.


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There are quite a few attractive places in Barcelona as well which include Sagrada Familia, Spanish Village, Casa Mila and many more which make Spain one of the countries to visit in the world.

  1. Palawan Islands, Philippines

One of the most beautiful places in the Philippines one must visit is Palawan Island in Philippines and this island is the largest one in the province of Palawan. The beautiful views and scenery of this island are ranked among the top places in the world several times. The fact that makes it even more beautiful is that it’s the cheapest travel destination. The exotic and unusual wildlife around this island, the waterfalls, and the villages show the diversity of this island. The places for you to visit here as a tourist include Calauit National Park and some wildlife Sanctuaries.


There are a number of best places in the world that we may have missed here in this article. But the ones mentioned here are no less than Heaven. So whenever you plan to go abroad for vacation, just take a look at this list and you’ll surely remember your tour for a very long time.