The Art of fashion Designing, Time Trends


The Art of fashion Designing, Time Trends

Fashion design is a type of art specifically used for clothing and other lifestyle accessories being made. Two basic categories of fashion design are

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The Importance of Fashion
Pros and Cons of Fashion Designing

Fashion design is a type of art specifically used for clothing and other lifestyle accessories being made. Two basic categories of fashion design are there, one is haute couture and the other one is ready-to-wear. The collection of the first type is mainly dedicated to some clients and is tailored to suit these clients precisely.

Standard sizes, not tailored, are included in ready-to-wear collections, so they are more suited for production in bulk quantities. Collections from designers have a higher quality and a unique design as well. They also reflect a certain ideology and are not made for sale, but to make a point. The international catwalks show the collections of both the categories.

Fashion design

The art of making trendy outfits can be loosely described as fashion design. The idea of ‘fashion designing has evolved now and spread to a lot of other items such as fashion accessories as the time goes by. Bearing in mind the progress and development in the field of fashion designing, describing it as ‘fashion creation’ will not be incorrect. Undoubtedly, fashion designing has surely made a significant progress from simply designing clothes. Nowadays, fashion designing has grown up into a developed industry.

It is well known as a career choice around the world these days. There are a variety of other career alternatives that have arisen with the passing of time in this industry besides designing.  In fashion design, a clear understanding of the lifestyle and consumer needs of the audience is also required. Fashion designers must have strong listening abilities and they must be capable of communicating their ideas clearly. Most importantly, they must be having new and creative ideas.

The Origin of Fashion Designing

The fashion designing was started way back in 1826. It is assumed that Charles Frederick Worth was the very first fashion designer of the world and he started doing it in 19th century. Formerly a draper, Charles set up his own fashion house in Paris, France. The fashion house tradition was started by him. He used to tell his clients about the kind of clothing suitable for them.

A large number of design houses started to employ the services of professional artists during this period for the purpose of creating designs for clothing. Patterns would be introduced to the customers, and if any of these patterns was liked by them, they would place an order then. The practice of showing designs to all of the customers and then sewing them started during the same timeframe, instead of the earlier method under which the finished clothing would be shown to them.

Most of the new trends in the fashion industry started coming in Paris in the early 20th century. From Paris, these trends started spreading all over the world in no time. In Paris, innovative clothing designs were born until they made their way to different countries of the world. In other words, Paris has come out as the capital of fashion. ‘Fashion’ was mostly designed exclusively for individuals during this time.

Fashion garments started to be produced in bulk quantities in the mid-20th century. The bulk of output improved, and citizens started to have more clothing options. Fashion consciousness among people increased to a large extent by the end of the century, and they started to select their clothes while keeping in mind the comfort and their own style, instead of depending on the market trends that prevail.

Fashion Designing and Its Importance in Life

Fashion has become an important part of our lives now and we all look for ways to go with the flow in this fashion-dominated era. It’s just the patterns in the fashion that changed, the trends are still there as they used to be in ancient times. Even a common these days looks for the latest trends and start following them. All this is because of the awareness of fashion in the general public.

The true meaning of the word “Fashion” literally changes from person to person and the reason behind this is the difference in tastes of different people. Few people limit this term to footwear and clothes only, while others take it to next level by making it a part of their life. These are the ones who give a close attention to Fashion Magazines, Social Media Ads for Fashion and other such things. All in all, fashion is all we need in terms of clothing, behavior and lifestyle as well.

The values and beliefs regarding aren’t the same if we take a look at fashion clearly. A Professional Designer would observe the taste of every single person out there in the market looking for clothes, just to know what to design. These are the people who belong this fashion industry of modern era. Designing expensive and unaffordable clothes doesn’t make you a great designer. So make sure you understand the enormity of the task and take into account all the factors that influence this specific industry before taking any such step.

Impact of Social Media on Fashion Industry

Social Media has always been one of the best ways to show something new and impressive regarding every field. The rise of fashion industry is mainly because of social media sites. You may have come across a large number of ads regarding clothing, footwear or many such things. This is mainly digital marketing where business owners start paid campaigns of their product for the purpose of increasing their sales and make their community effective. So is the case with Fashion Industry. You see your favorite actor/actress wearing something and you start feeling like “this is what I need at the moment”.

Fashion design

Besides social media, there are so many other ways as well through which the fashion industry is rising. The designers should start looking for the people’s choices and design everything accordingly so that every single person is able to follow the latest fashion trends going around. This will surely be the nicest step taken towards the end of inferiority complexes.