Technology takes more than Lives


Technology takes more than Lives

IntroductionThe world in which we live today has become very technological. Technology is an effective method to transform learning. It will help

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The world in which we live today has become very technological. Technology is an effective method to transform learning. It will help to improve and promote partnerships between the educators and learners, to re-invent the approaches to learning and communication, to close long-standing gaps in diversity and inclusion, and to adapt the learning environments to address the needs of all educators.

Information Technology

Information Technology ‘IT’ has become the necessary thing in today’s world. It is the use of computers and telecommunications devices to record, retrieve, transfer and control the data. It is often in the context of a company or other enterprises. The term ‘IT’ is widely used as the synonym for computers and data networks and it still includes the other communication delivery technologies like telephone and TV.

History of the Computers

Many devices are used for the computation for hundreds of years and in the beginning, it was done with the tally stick. Then after that there come the Analog Computer which was also known as the geared mechanism. The geared devices were not emerged in the 16th century in the Europe and there was not even developed the mechanical calculator there till the 1645 to perform the basic numerical operations.

After that, the electronic computers were begun to seem there in the 1940s. The first computer which was programmable was developed in the 1941 and this computer was considered as the very first machine which was totally complete machine for the computation according to the modern standards. A man developed the electronic computer in the era of the 2nd Word War but it was only for the single work. It was also a programmable machine but it was not designed to store the programs in the memory. The first computer which was digital as well as program stored, was developed in the 1948.

Internet Technology

Internet is a technology that has transformed the libraries by the access from the browser or graphical user interface. This technology provides real-time access to a range of forms of knowledge and sources by providing the transfer of data and information, exploitation and the linkages to some other resources. This is the technology which allows people to get the access to everything which a person has needed or which a person wants to get the access. It also provides the people to communicate with each other through the different platforms like Email, Whatsapp, and Facebook etc.

If anyone wants to listen the music or to watch the video regarding any of the topic then he or she can easily listen and can download everything through the internet. Students can also get the information regarding their studies from the internet and can also do research from the internet for their projects. Moreover, people can also make the website and can sell different things online and people can purchase about all the products over the internet. This technology is also a very valuable for the digital marketers. Digital Marketing mainly includes any kind of marketing effort where the electronic devices or the internet or a combination of both is used. Businesses take advantage of a number of digital channels and platforms including different search engines, email, social media sites and other websites for the purpose of connecting with their customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Modern technology has many advantages and disadvantages on the society. Some of them are discussed here:


Disabled person become able through technologyTechnology has become more advanced. Now, people who are disabled like if anyone is almost deaf then there is technology that you can put an instrument in your ear and set its frequency then you can easily hear. Similarly, if anyone has the issue of eyesight, then he can make its treatment through the laser treatment and the eyesight will be clear.

Technology in transportation:  Technology is also used in the transportation like in bikes, cars, jeeps, trucks and airplanes. People cannot go from one place to another place without these types of transport. When there were not airplanes, people had to face the difficulty to travel from one country to another and had to spend months or even years to go to the other country.

Technology in communication: In today’s world, it is very easy to communicate with other people. Now, technology has been enhanced. When there was no telephone, people used different methods to convey their messages to their family people or to their business partners. Then telephones invented in the world, and then gradually mobile phones come in the society and now the technology has become more advanced and android phones have been introduced and now it is about in all the homes. People can easily make phone calls and even can make video calls.

Technology in Agriculture: Farming has become so easy now days. There are many technological machines are introduced like planters, tractors etc. through which farmers can easily do the farming. This is because of the new inventions in the technology.


Health problems: There are many health problems which are caused by the technology. For example, if we talk about the latest technology in the internet field, then 5G is the latest technology and it can cause many problems like its radiations are so harmful that it may cause the cancer. If we talk about the mobile phones, then it is also affecting the eyesight of the children.

Lack of interest in study: It also has the effects on the students’ study. Students use the technology excessively and they do not put the concentration on their studies. So, this is causing the lack of interest in the studies.

Dependency on the technology: People are now totally dependent on the technology and if they have to do the work other than the online then they feel very hesitation. People are also become very lazy today due to the technology.

Reduce of creativity: Technology has made the people less creative.  Because they are totally dependent on the technology, so they do not think by their own.