Fashion Trends and Designer Trends in Covid times


Fashion Trends and Designer Trends in Covid times

After the pandemic started, one thing that became a part of each of our outfit was the face mask. The past year ended in the same way i.e. wearing fac

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After the pandemic started, one thing that became a part of each of our outfit was the face mask. The past year ended in the same way i.e. wearing face masks and using sanitizers. We really hope this ends shortly but the sole purpose of this article is to let you know about the Fashion Trends in 2021 and whether these trends would look similar to the previous ones because of the continuous stay of COVID around the world. While we spent almost the whole year 2020 staying in our homes and waiting for lockdown to end, no one could manage to buy and wear the outfits of their choice. But since there are a lot of rumors around the world regarding the vaccine, we may hope that this year would be a better one in terms of style and fashion.

Now since the designers have also got so many new and creative styles made during the COVID days, there is a greater chance for fashion to be at its peak in the ongoing year. You’ll surely have countless choices to go out for a trip, night outs or any such thing. Let’s talk about a few Fashion Trends in 2021 that are going to leave their mark on people.

  1. Clingy Sweaters

The designers are quite sure that these clingy sweaters would be the first choice for all the sweater lovers out there and there is no bigger news than this for the target audience. These sweaters will stick to the skin tightly and are made up of a light-weight, soft and almost transparent material which makes them stick to the skin quite easily. These sweaters will surely give a charismatic look. Besides this, mesh was also used by few designers for experimentation in the making of Clingy Sweaters which makes it unaffordable for a lot of people but one must go for alternate options which will give a similar look but with a lower quality and lesser price. So Clingy Sweaters have a key role to play for Fashion Trends in 2021.

Fashion Trends

  1. Inspired Designs from 70s

Another addition to the Fashion Trends in 2021 is the re-entrance of the past designs that were a part of fashion few decades back. Each one of us gets goosebumps once we think about our childhood or when we listen to the stories from our parents and grandparents regarding the fashion trends in their time. It’s some sort of nostalgia. So we automatically get attracted to that. Moreover, the fame these ancient fashion trends have got on different social media platforms have made them even more special. So the printed outfits having dark colors such as orange, yellow and black will be making their mark on people. Besides these, the pointed collars and blazed trousers will also be in trend in 2021.

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  1. Oversized Trousers

Large-sized pants have always been a part of fashion for both men and women but these are mostly liked by women especially of younger age. The trend of sweatpants we used to wear at school is over. However, we’ve got a better option than these pants. It’s quite easy to wear and looks more charming and eyecatching. These are nothing but the oversized trousers and have become the most recent Fashion Trend in 2021, all hails to the designers. The experiment performed on these trousers was not so disappointing initially which made the designers realize that these will surely become everyone’s choice in near future.

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There is one more thing to be noticed in these trousers and that’s versatility. Doesn’t matter whether you’re going to attend a party or going for a trip, these trousers will add to the beauty of your outfit equally. If you can’t afford these trousers, just look for alternate option. You will surely not regret this decision.

  1. Headscarves

There had been quite a few ups and downs in case of these headscarves for being a part of fashion. But this headscarf is going be another addition to the latest Fashion Trends in 2021. The history this headscarf makes it even more stylish and charming. There are so many models and film-stars who seem to wear these scarves. Besides these actresses, First ladies and many fashion icons were also seen wearing this headscarf. It isn’t only for women, there are a lot of men who wear these headscarves. That’s enough for you to be convinced that you’ve a great choice to wear in 2021.

Fashion Trends

  1. Blazers

With the passage of time, every impossible becomes possible and. Same is the case with these outfits. As we’ve talked earlier about headscarf wore by both men and women, there are so many such accessories that can be wore by both the genders. For example, skirts can be wore by men whereas pants are common for women to wear these days. The reason is that if you look smart in an outfit, no one will judge you for sure. Blazer is an addition to this list.  The combination of blazers with the jeans and joggers will look deadly and eye catching. You may wear it with a turtleneck under it and use the same shoes or joggers.

The advantage of wearing a blazer is that it makes you look professional and more fashion-conscious. So breaking the stereotypes by wearing the blazers will get the job done for you in terms of fashion and beauty as well.


There are so many other accessories as well which will be a part of Fashion Trends in 2021. Taking into account the fact you can’t wear all of them at once, you may buy them one by one (because of their costs). The accessories we’re unable to explain in this article include Dramatic Shoulders, High-Knee Shoes, Juicy Sweatsuits and Fall Tones. Besides these outfits, gold jewellery along with crossover purses will also be in trend in 2021. So, if you can’t afford to buy these accessories, just buy the first copies of them or go for alternatives.