Diet Plan to Lose Weight within 3 months


Diet Plan to Lose Weight within 3 months

“How to lose weight?” has become the most searched thing on internet these days. Each one of us wants to know as much as we can about the tips and tri

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“How to lose weight?” has become the most searched thing on internet these days. Each one of us wants to know as much as we can about the tips and tricks to lose weight. Nowadays, if someone weighs more than 50kg, he/she starts considering it a taboo and find ways to lose weight which requires a lot of work to do.

Losing weight is considered to be more difficult thing than gaining weight and this isn’t wrong though. But if you’re working hard to lose some weight while eating unhealthy food at the same time, all your efforts will go in vain. So the most important thing to be taken into account here is to know the tricks for weight loss in a healthy and efficient way. If you’re frustrated and starving yourself for longer periods of time in order to lose your weight, you’ll be left with hunger and more frustration at the end of the day.

It is recommended in most cases to lose weight as slowly as possible because of its few cons people aren’t aware of. Three months are often considered to be more than enough time for weight loss. Besides eating, you must have some weight loss exercises as well to ensure that your progress is up to the mark.

Weight Loss in 3 Months

Weight Loss is nothing but the balance between the calories our body consumes in a day and the calories it burns. Let’s take an example, if your body consumes 1000 calories in a single day, it needs to burn at least 80% of it in order to avoid any such problem. So everything comes down to the diet you’re taking and the exercise as well. So If you’re planning for weight loss within three months, you must follow the following given diet plan and further tips.

Diet Plan

Follow a Diet Plan

As far as the diet is considered, it has the same importance in the process of weight loss as an army man at the border. A number of diet plans constituting weight loss foods are available online which you should follow while going through the whole process. But before chosing one for you, don’t forget to contact your dietitian or nutritionist to know which plan suits you the most.

Diet Plan to Lose Weight within 3 months

There are quite a few diet plans for you to follow if you’re interested in losing your weight. Let’s take a look at them and chose the best one for you.

  1. Intermittent or Occasional Fasting

Even though we don’t care much about anything when we’ve food in front of us but this diet plan leads you to a strategy where you get the idea of fasting and eating periods. It mainly works in a way that you’re given a specific time where you can eat some weight loss food. This ensures that your calories intake is lesser as compared to the previous ones.

Besides everything, if you follow this diet plan for a considerable amount of time and take some healthy weight loss food within the allowed periods, you’re surely going to lose the required amount of weight within three months or so because of your clear intentions and weight loss habits. Moreover, such a diet plan will improve your brain health, increase the insulin sensitivity and last but not the least, decreses the inflammation. But it’s mostly recommended to the adults that are most healthy.

  1. Vegetable-based Diet Plan

Even though the above mentioned diet plan is mostly for the specific adults, this one is for all as it contains the things that are most important for a healthy lifestyle. You got it right. The vegetables are being discussed here. All you need to do is to avoid any kind of meat, fish or poultry you eat. Its up to you if you want to avoid eggs as well. This diet plan surely takes it to the next level by asking to avoid all such things but afterall, it’s a part of the plan and you’ve to follow it at any cost if you’re eager to go through the process of weight loss.

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healthy vegan lunch bowl with ingredients. Avocado, quinoa, sweet potato, tomato, spinach, and chickpeas vegetables salad. Top view

This diet plan encourages you to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables irrespective of the fact that you’re taking them in lunch or dinner. Since you’re avoiding all those things that are high in calories, there is a greater chance for you here to lose weight within a specified amount of time. Besides this, eating more and more vegetables and fruits will lead you to a decreased risk of hear attack, diabetes and cancer.

  1. Low-Carbohydrate Diets

Most of the people who’re interested in losing their weight must be aware of this term as it’s the most important and most used method to lose weight. Such a diet tends to reduce the calories thus resulting in a balanced diet. Usually Low-carbohydrate diets are more rich in protein than diets with which are low-fat which is the most important thing because protein tends to restrain or control the appetite and conserve the muscle mass.

There are quite a few health benefits of this diet plan as well. These diets reduce the risk of heart diseases and improve the blood sugar levels in the patients having type 2 diabetes. But there are some demerits of these diets as well. They may increase the cholesterol levels in human body which isn’t good for human health.

  1. The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet may be a new term for you because of the overwhelming effect of the above-mentioned plans. But it’s quite effective. It mainly constitutes eating each kind of food including meat, vegetables or nuts your forefathers used to eat. However, it mainly tends to restrict all the processed food.

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Though the average weight loss is low as compared to the other diet plans, it still has a number of other benefits. It decreases the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases, thus resulting in decreased triglyceride levels. But the cons of this diet plans must be known as well. This usually restricts the followers from a number of nutritious foods such as Dairy and Whole Grains.


All the diet plans we’ve mentioned are effective enough to reduce your weight within three months. But you must take a closer look at your own food preferences and lifestyle which will let you know which plan suits you the most.