CoolSculpting vs CoolTone


CoolSculpting vs CoolTone

CoolSculpting and CoolTone Technologies to Remove Fat CellsYou may have seen a number of non-surgical technologies and techniques in the market an

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CoolSculpting and CoolTone Technologies to Remove Fat Cells

You may have seen a number of non-surgical technologies and techniques in the market and the sole purpose of them is to provide the patients with finer and improved results. Two such technologies are known as CoolSculpting and CoolTone. If you start thinking about them, you may wonder what these two same technologies are doing in the market! Well, take a look at them again. Both of them are quite helpful and have varying benefits. But the major confusion for you is to choose the better one out of the two. That’s not a big deal for sure because you can use both of them to have the desired results. The only thing you need to understand now is the difference between these two. Let’s take a look at the differences first.


Difference between CoolSculpting and CoolTone

Even though there are quite a few differences between CoolSculpting and CoolTone regarding their utilization in the treatment, the major difference is that CoolSculpting tends to target the fat cells of the body whereas CoolTone tends to target the muscle cells. As we’ve already discussed that both these technologies work in a whole different way, so fat cells are targeted first because they are present above the muscles.

Most people think of CoolTone as a freezing method that is used to target the muscle cells, that isn’t the case. This concept has taken a lot of people away from this technique because they think about the freezing method as a harmful one. The word “COOL” present in the term “CoolTone” is because of the company named “Allergan” which is the manufacturer of both these technologies. You may consider it a branding tool because it’s nothing more than that. If you’re still confused between these two terms, just remember that Tone helps in enhancing the mass of your muscles and tone, while Sculpting helps in removing fat just to make your body slim. CoolTone nothing to do with the removal of unwanted body fat at all.

How Does the CoolSculpting Work?

If you’ve targeted an area of the body and you’re planning to decrease the amount of fat cells from there permanently, you need to utilize CoolSculpting. The whole procedure just includes a freezing method. The fat cells of the body are frozen just before they die off. The freezing of these cells restricts the flow of blood and oxygen to reach the cells for longer periods of time which in turns disturbs the nutrients and don’t let them reach these cells. Ultimately the cells get died. Even though all the cells don’t die in this way, a small percentage of these cells still leaves behinds because they’re not processed out of the body.

Now the most important part is to know which areas of the body must be targeted using this technique. Well, this method is beneficial for those areas of the body where you face difficulty in losing some weight despite the healthy diet and regular exercise. But if you’re planning to get rid of a considerable amount of fat, you may try something else rather than CoolSculpting because this isn’t going to work for you here. However, it is best for use under the arms, near the abdominal part, close to thighs and on the buttocks.

After the whole process is done, it may take few weeks or sometimes months to realize the result of it. The first result of this technique would be deciding whether you should go for the next one or not! Since every person has a different taste, there is no way one can predict the reaction of the body after the very first session.

How Does CoolTone Work?

Since we’ve already discussed, CoolTone doesn’t use freezing or any such technique unlike CoolSculpting. There are a number of clear differences between the two. Since CoolSculpting tends to target the upper most layer of the fat cells that have the responsibility of blocking out the muscles. There is a separate process named Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (or simply MMS) used by CoolTone. Its job is to send a considerable amount of electromagnetic energy to your muscles which in turn leads to a rapid contraction of the muscles. You may have seen some sportsmen (usually cricketers and footballers) going through a muscle spasm where the muscle fibers start contracting without their control. Same is the case here with CoolTone.


One thing that must be kept in mind before going for CoolTone is that it isn’t a technique to enhance the size of muscles dramatically. If you want to gain some muscles, your muscle fibers will have to be damages first. After that, you’ll have to consume the protein in excess in order to build your muscle fibers. As far as CoolTone is concerned, it just tends to strengthen your muscle fibers. So if you don’t plan to increase your muscle size, you’ll end up having tight muscles which ultimately helps in improving their physical shape. The final and most important tip for you is that you must go for CoolTone if you’re facing difficulties in tightening some specific parts of your body at the gym.

What are the Advantages of Using CoolTone and CoolSculpting Together?

Both CoolSculpting and CoolTone work differently and have varying advantages. But can we use them in a combined way to get maximum Possible results? Let’s figure this out with an example. If you want your midsection to look a bit tighter, you’ll surely go for CoolSculpting first in order to get rid of some rigid fat present on your belly. On the other hand, CoolTone will help you in the same process to tighten your Abdominal muscles. Not everyone can try it for fun. However, you may consult an expert of non-surgical technologies who’ll refer your attention towards the best possible option after taking into account all the factors.

What are the Limitations of CoolSculpting and CoolTone?

Before using any such technique that may risk your health, you must go through the limitations of it. CoolTone as we’ve earlier discussed has the responsibility to tighten and tone the targeted muscles. But it’s highly recommended for you to have at least 4 treatments (of CoolTone) a year in order to have the desired results. If you don’t, you’ll have to work hard and perform physical activities accordingly in order to fill that vacant space.

On the contrary, CoolSculpting has the job of killing the fat cells. But you need to make a diet and workout plan before going for CoolSculpting. In case you don’t follow a diet plan or start taking unhealthy diet, CoolSculpting will just a waste of time and money because it’ll start to shift the fat cells to some other areas of your body. So make sure you consume and burn enough calories before using any such technology.


Not all the people who need CoolTone will be in need of CoolSculpting. So a proper consultation is required before going for any of them because these non-surgical techniques may harm your body in the worst possible way and you’ll end up fooling yourself.