Best Travel Destination to visit in Dubai


Best Travel Destination to visit in Dubai

With a countless number of tourists visiting this most entertaining city of the world each year, Dubai doesn’t require any introduction. Dubai is asso

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With a countless number of tourists visiting this most entertaining city of the world each year, Dubai doesn’t require any introduction. Dubai is associated with opulence and an ostentatious lifestyle: way ahead of its time in architecture, glamorous and vibrant nightlife, stunning aerial and panoramic views of the spectacular skylines. This surely means that you’ll have a tough time choosing the places in Dubai once you visit it. One thing is for sure that you won’t be lacking in choices even if you’re looking for places to visit for free in Dubai.

The scenes at night-time, the beaches, skyscraper buildings, splendid shopping malls, majestic hotels, unusual museums and last but not the least, the zoos, all these things collectively make Dubai a tourist attraction and an eye-catching location to visit and this is the reason why people prefer Dubai even after knowing that there are some places to visit in Sharjah as well.

Best Time & Weather to visit Dubai – Travel Destination to visit in Dubai

Most tourists who love to travel and explore the newest destinations do not care about whether or any such thing. But people who want to visit Dubai usually look for pleasant weather conditions because Dubai’s temperature in summer becomes so high which makes it hot and humid. If you’re planning to visit Dubai, you’re recommended to visit it in the months of Winter right from November to February. Moreover, if you’re looking to celebrate your New Year here and attend the Shopping Festival in Dubai, you must arrive before the last week of December and leave in the mid of February.

We are going to discuss few Top Tourist Places in Dubai to visit in 2021 here which every tourist must explore at least once in his/her lifetime.

  1. Burj Khalifa

Just like Dubai, Burj Khalifa needs no introduction at all. You may not know about the 7 wonders of the world but Burj Khalifa would surely be known to you. We’re not done yet, Burj Khalifa is probably the only building that is at the top of the list of every traveler around the world. The astonishing and breathtaking aerial view from 123rd floor is once in a lifetime experience, with the extensive desert on one side and a surprising blue ocean on the other side of it. Besides this, the New Year Night here is another worthy experience. Whenever you get a chance to come to Dubai, don’t forget to visit Burj Khalifa because it’s one of the places to visit for free in Dubai. If you don’t, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life for sure.

  1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is second on the list of top Tourist Places in Dubai to visit in 2021. Being the fourth tallest building in the world, it’s one of the most expensive but best 7 star hotels in Dubai. It has many records to its name as well. It starts glowing in the evening by the dancing lights which offers an immeasurable experience to explore the top destinations in Dubai. If you have enough savings to tour this place, you must go for it especially if you’re a photographer. Besides this, its imposing structure will surely amaze you.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

If you’re a beach and sunset lover and planning to go to Dubai soon, you’ll be admired to visit this beach. There are a number of hotels on the road that leads to this beach and these hotels make this scenery more fascinating and heart-warming. Moreover, the facilities you’ll be given here are the best in business and the view of sunset here will make you realize the greatness and charm of this place.

  1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has a special place in every tourist’s heart because of the shopping festivals held here including Dubai Shopping Festival along with Dubai Summer Surprises. These festivals are like than heaven for all the shopping lovers because of the choices available here. Dubai Mall has another job to do which makes it even more attractive, it tends to provide the entry to Burj Khalifa. Besides this, there are a lot of gaming zones, skating rink and cinemas here which add to the beauty and value of it. For your near and dear ones, you may buy some gifts from this mall as well. All in all, it is one of the Top Tourist Places in Dubai to Visit in 2021.

Travel Destination to visit in Dubai

  1. Dubai Creek

You must be fed up with hearing or reading about all these places but these are only for photographers. Let us take you to one of the best places in Dubai for couples. The creek is nothing but the natural seawater cutting across the center of the city. In order to visit the other side of the port, tourists are provided with boats. The charming and lovely view of embellishing with the history make it an easy choice for the tourists to visit in Dubai in 2021 even though it’s included in the places to visit for free in Dubai.

Travel Destination to visit in Dubai

  1. Dubai Aquarium

Back in the past, we used to think of some impossible things such as flying in the air or exploring underwater things. But science has made all this possible by combining with human effort. The airplanes were made for humans to fly in the air just like birds. Similarly the submarines were invented to go underwater. Such a place underwater is also present here which is no less than a wonder. People from every corner of the world come to Dubai to visit this place. Besides this, you may have other activities to perform here including shark diving, boat tours and cage snorkeling. It’s a unique kind of experience for all the tourists and they remember it for their whole life.

  1. Global Village

Have you ever thought of a place where you can have food, unlimited shopping and peace of mind? Let’s tell you about one such place commonly known as The Global Village where you can get shopping experience internationally while getting entertainment of seeing the performance of famous artists from around the world. Global Village is just an addition to the beauty of Majestic Dubai for sure.

                      Travel Destination to visit in Dubai  


Dubai is a place where even the most comfortable traveler will end up having a lot of fun! And you can imagine how great your holidays can be with so many fun and exciting tourist places here. So, schedule a trip straightaway to Dubai and make sure to visit all the above-mentioned places with your loved ones.